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Hello People!

It's nice to kind of meet you!

My name is John Westbrook, and I am the person behind Enlightened Imagery Studios! I started taking pictures in 2013 with a camera my Dad gave me as a gift! I loved it immediately! Although, I was terrible for a bit there... Obviously that didn't last forever. 😁

I really never was interested much in portrait photography, to be honest! I always loved landscape photography, though. So, that's pretty much all I did for a long time! Eventually, I started getting some pretty cool pictures, and people started asking "Would you do pictures for us?" To which I'd usually reply, "Sure, I guess!" It didn't take long from there to really start to enjoy taking the styles I was using in my landscapes and trying them on the portraits I was taking! The results blew my mind, and I have been running with it ever since!

From the time you book to the time I deliver you finished photos, you have my undivided (be reasonable, I like to sleep some days) attention! Reach out with any and every question you have, I'll answer them every time! 

Thank you so much for visiting Enlightened Imagery! I hope to see you soon!

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