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The Story of
Enlightened Imagery Studios

Hello, and welcome to Enlightened Imagery! My name is John Westbrook, and I am the man with the plan. The guy with the eye!  The dude with the... I think you get it. I am the person behind the camera! And boy, do I love being here.

I was born and raised in Colorado. I got my first camera at 18, and I fell in love with taking pictures. Both my Dad and Grandfather are also avid photographers, so I just started hitching rides for the adventures!

I love to shoot anything and everything! From giant landscapes, to fellow human beings, and even the insides of a house. I just like taking pictures.

If you enjoy high energy people, and vivid colors (I promise not to turn you orange,) then I just might be your guy! I do my absolute best to be genuinely easy to get along with, and I usually do alright... I think?

Let's go take some pictures!

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